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Gracie Barra

Brotherhood, Integrity, and Development

Master Carlos Gracie Jr. has dedicated a lifetime to nurturing and evolving Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His unwavering commitment is guided by the principles of brotherhood, growth, and integrity.

“My life is dedicated to Jiu-Jitsu. My goal was simply to build a brotherhood to lead the expansion of Jiu-Jitsu while respecting the essence of our art. My students are an extension of my family. I want each one of them to achieve their personal best while helping spread Jiu-Jitsu. We must do that honoring the traditions and efforts of those who came before us.” – Carlos Gracie Jr.

The values and philosophies that shape Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s remarkable journey have profoundly influenced the ethos of Gracie Barra Yate.


The emblematic colour of our team is red, and our banner proudly carries the Red Shield. The Red Shield serves as a unifying symbol connecting the entire Gracie Barra community. It represents our students embarking on their first class, our dedicated Black Belts reaching graduation, our athletes battling on the mats, our instructors passionately teaching, and our schools upholding the enduring legacy.

Master Carlos Gracie Jr. conceived the Red Shield with the profound purpose of uniting all who proudly represent Gracie Barra. It stands as a testament to those who defend it, preserving the legacy passed down from the legendary Grandmaster Carlos Gracie, as well as other leaders of Jiu-Jitsu such as Hélio Gracie, Rolles Gracie, and Carlos Gracie Jr.

The Red Shield’s credibility has been meticulously nurtured over the years through the unwavering dedication and excellence exhibited by Gracie Barra students, athletes, and instructors. Their active involvement in Jiu-Jitsu competitions, teaching programs, and community initiatives has solidified the Red Shield’s status as one of the most recognised symbols in the world of Jiu-Jitsu. Those who proudly bear this emblem carry with them a profound sense of loyalty and commitment, not only to Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and Gracie Barra but also to the inclusive “Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone” movement.

Athletic Performance

At Gracie Barra Yate, we take pride in our athletic pursuits, manifested by our sport Jiu-Jitsu competition team known as EQUIPE GB. Athletics form an integral part of the Gracie Barra experience, fostering community, camaraderie, and a deep sense of pride among students, staff, parents, and friends.

Successful athletic performances not only ignite excitement within the Gracie Barra Schools and community but also serve to fortify connections across our organization. These accomplishments instil a sense of loyalty among our students, all while providing another compelling reason to uphold the legacy of Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and safeguard the revered red shield.

Participation in athletics at Gracie Barra extends beyond physical prowess. It is a means for our students to develop their bodies, minds, and spirits. Our competition team upholds the values intrinsic to sport Jiu-Jitsu competitions, including the pursuit of personal excellence, teamwork, ethical conduct both on and off the mats, leadership, and unwavering sportsmanship.

Through their dedication to these values, members of EQUIPE GB cultivate habits that contribute to a healthier lifestyle and overall well-being. While victory is not our sole focus, we firmly believe that the efforts of our athletes to be their very best on the mats will translate to success in all facets of their lives.

At Gracie Barra Yate, we champion athletic excellence as a pathway to personal growth, community engagement, and lifelong success.

Gratitude, Appreciation, and Legacy

At Gracie Barra, we firmly believe in learning from our illustrious past to shape an empowered future. Adorning the walls of every Gracie Barra School are images that narrate our rich history, spanning from the early twentieth century to the present day.

Our historical journey commences with the legendary Mitsuyo Maeda, a Japanese martial artist of unparalleled skill who introduced the gentle art to the shores of Brazil. He laid the foundation upon which our legacy would flourish.

Next in this lineage is Carlos Gracie Sr., Maeda’s very first student and the first Gracie to embrace Jiu-Jitsu. He carried forth the torch of knowledge, propelling the art to new heights.

Following closely is Hélio Gracie, Carlos’ brother, renowned as the paramount Gracie fighter of his era. His contributions continue to resonate in the martial arts world.

Then, there’s Rolls Gracie, a true innovator and an exemplar of Jiu-Jitsu philosophy. His pioneering spirit has left a lasting mark on our art.

Last but not least, we honour Carlos Gracie Jr., the visionary behind Gracie Barra and the driving force behind the “Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone” project. His relentless pursuit of inclusivity and empowerment defines our ethos.

We cherish the tradition of commemorating these great Masters and practitioners, not only as a gesture of gratitude and admiration but also as a wellspring of inspiration. Their lives serve as a perpetual source of wisdom from which we continue to learn invaluable lessons.

Unity and Pride

Our choice of attire not only identifies us as a collective but also communicates the values we hold dear. What we wear speaks volumes about who we are. Wearing the red shirt is a symbol of our allegiance to the GB Family.

“I take immense pride in being a part of this GB Family,” is what the Red Shield signifies. But have you ever wondered why red?

“I want red because it represents heart, blood, and love; All my students fight with heart, have GB Jiu-Jitsu in their blood, and they love our team… Gracie Barra!” – Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

Wearing the red shirt is a bold declaration to the world: I believe in Gracie Barra.

The red shirt serves as a unifying emblem for GB team members across the globe. It fosters a sense of togetherness, solidarity, equality, shared identity, and a profound pride in being part of Gracie Barra. Wearing the red shirt says: I am a cherished member of the Gracie Barra Yate.

The red shirt embodies respect, brotherhood, friendship, loyalty, and a deep affection for the GB Team. Wearing the red shirt proudly proclaims: I am Gracie Barra!

“When I put the red t-shirt on and drive to the tournament…I automatically become someone stronger, faster, and unbeatable…because I know that, there will be hundreds of GB brothers and sisters wearing the same t-shirt, representing the same values, and supporting me on the battlefield by either competing alongside with me, or cheering from the stands. That’s Gracie Barra!” – Prof. Philipe Della Monica

Across the world, the sight of the GB red shirt creates an instant connection. It signifies our uniform and communicates that a family member from Gracie Barra is defending our mentality, embodying our philosophy, and upholding our values. Wearing the red shirt is synonymous with preserving our enduring legacy.