GB Yate Virtual School

Discipline, Respect, Self Defense, Fitness & Friendship.

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Our virtual classes are available on all devices including mobile, desktop, laptop and tablets. 

Welcome to Gracie Barra Yates Virtual School! All of your favourite classes in your living room, your garage or your garden! Wherever you are, you can carry on your jiu-jitsu journey with your team mates!

We have a timetable of ‘live’ classes where you will join a ‘Zoom’ meeting room and follow the same structured class and curriculum that you are used to in our school!

How to prepare?

Please ensure each of these steps is followed.

• You can download the app on any device but the bigger the screen the better!! Go to the App store on your phones or tablet or go to on your laptop/computer.

• Before starting the class download your app and practice setting up your screen so you are prepared! The classes will start on time, therefore if you haven’t set up you will miss the class.

• When you join a live class you will be set to ‘mute’ so that only the Coach can be heard.

• Please make sure you ‘Allow microphone/camera/audio’ to be used when asked when logging in.


Once you have completed the steps above and installed Zoom please click on the link to the virtual timetable below.