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Discipline, Respect, Self Defense, Fitness & Friendship.
Future Champions

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From 4-12 years old – Gracie Barra provides a community built on respect and discipline. 


Within a world where children and teens are the target of advertising and social media it breeds ‘virtual games’,  ‘online friends’ and lack of activity. Gracie Barra is helping to buck this trend at GB Yate.

Why have friends and excitement on a computer or phone screen when you have a GB coach and gym ready to welcome your child just around the corner.

Children of any age need stimulation and exercise as part of a healthy and well balanced life style, and from October 2018 there is the perfect solution at your local GB school.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a contact sport, which provides children with a challenge within a safe environment encouraging them to mature both on and off the mats.

The officially trained instructor will demand discipline and respect within the class which often translates into their home life as well.

Why is this the perfect activity for your child:

  • Becoming part of a team and wearing the uniform creates a sense of belonging
  • Having to act in a structured and respectful way encourages a polite and well mannered nature
  • Doing physical activity is part of a healthy life style
  • Learning how to defend yourself and be confident helps alleviate insecurities
  • Improved focus and energy   

There are two levels of classes for different age groups:

  •  Little Champions (4-7 years old)

•   Juniors (8-12 Years Old)


House Keeping- 

  • Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before your class – all attendees must be on the mats in full GB wear at the exact time of the class
  • We aim to have a tidy and clean gym at all points. Ensure you leave your belongings neat within the designated areas, or on the wall hooks. 
  • Parents are advised to stay to watch their child during their classes to help them build initial confidence 
  • Questions are always welcome! 

Adult Programme

18+ year olds

Future Champions

from 4 year olds

Anti-Bullying Programme

Bullying Stops Here!

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Jui Jitusu Camps

Every year there will be an opportunity to go on a week intensive summer camp where some of the best black belts and students in the world come together to train and learn.


"A black belt is a white belt that never gave up"

From left to right:
Professor Marcos Barros - GB Springfield, Chicago. Professor Harvey Dines - GB Bath, UK. Professor Salvatore Pace - GB Bath, UK.
Coach António Bustorff-Silva - GB Yate, UK. Professor Asif - GB London. Professor Carlos Lemos Jr. - GB Downers Grove, Chicago.