Adult Programme

Men and Women 18 years +

Adult Programme

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The Fundamentals Classes- The basic principles of effective fighting.

Are you ready to unleash your potential to be a great fighter, to gain the knowledge and integrity to call yourself a Martial Artist?

GB Fundamentals class is perfectly tailored for the beginner Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. This class builds a foundation for GB Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by focusing on essential techniques.
GB has an established curriculum which is followed across the world in over 900 schools. As part of the GB family you will have access to train at any of these schools where in any one week the same techniques will be taught.

For those of you who already hold a higher belt, GB Fundamentals is a training zone for refining your techniques – “Never stop learning. When we stop learning we stop growing”

What to expect from a class:

• Each class will be 60 minutes long
• 10 minutes of warming up muscles and stretching is an essential part of getting the body ready for the class.
• Up to 3 new techniques will be demonstrated by your coach clearly and slowly.
• Whilst practicing these techniques the coach will observe and refine if needed.
• Your coach will always be there to help you. GB breeds a society of higher belts helping lower belts so you will always be learning from everyone around you.
• These techniques will then be put into practice within timed training fights – or ‘rolling’ as we like to call it!
• 10 minute warm down – during this hour will have some intense but exhilarating physical exercise therefore a warm down is a must.
• **Within a 60 minute class you will burn between 300-600 calories depending on your size and how hard you train. Make sure you bring plenty of water to rehydrate and have enough fuel in your system!
This will be the best ‘First Class’ you’ve ever taken!
House Keeping-
• Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes before your class – all attendees must be on the mats in full GB wear at the exact time of the class
• We aim to have a tidy and clean gym at all points. Ensure you leave your belongings neat within the designated areas, or on the wall hooks.

Adult Programme

18+ year olds

Future Champions

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Jui Jitusu Camps

Every year there will be an opportunity to go on a week intensive summer camp where some of the best black belts and students in the world come together to train and learn.


"A black belt is a white belt that never gave up"

From left to right:
Professor Marcos Barros - GB Springfield, Chicago. Professor Harvey Dines - GB Bath, UK. Professor Salvatore Pace - GB Bath, UK.
Coach António Bustorff-Silva - GB Yate, UK. Professor Asif - GB London. Professor Carlos Lemos Jr. - GB Downers Grove, Chicago.